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Bike stand - 3 possitions

Bike stand - 3 possitions

Kategorie: Stojany na kola

Katalogové číslo: 588519600

Hmotnost:5 Kg

Dostupnost: skladem (161 ks)

Name: Bike stand - 3 possitions

Art.n.: 5885

Dimension (floor plan): 380x890 mm

Weight: 5 kg

Material: solid steel profiles, welded joints, electroplated surface


Stand for 3 bikes  - welded from steel profiles which are electtroplated surfasce for high rust resistance.

Main frame made from profile 25 x 25 mm, arch pipe diameter 18 mm.

Maximum tire width is 60 mm (2.3“)

Stand can be fixed to the groud or floor.

Stand for 3 bikes - welded from steel profiles which are electroplated surface.


Supplied without anchoring material.