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Kerosene lamps - Mirror - EAGLE- 0068

Kerosene lamps - Mirror - EAGLE- 0068

Katalogové číslo: 006819500

Hmotnost:1.1 Kg

Dostupnost: není skladem

Name: Kerosene lamps - Mirror - EAGLE

Art.n.: 0068

Height: 315 mm

Capacity of the container: 0,43 l

MARS kerosene lamps are ideal as an excellent accessory for country homes, cottages and rustic interiors in flat and houses. They can serve as unique decoration, plus they are fully functional and can be used for interior lighting. The metal parts are galvanized.

Kerosene lamps can stand on their own or be hung on the wall. In addition to kerosene, aromatic oils are also a recommended fuel. Avoid explosive environments and make sure that you use suitable fuel to prevent the risk of explosion and fire.

Thanks to the special design of the burner and a massive cylinder, these lamps can be used in extreme conditions, including areas with high humidity, low temperature and wind.

Kerosene lamps consist of:
Glass vessel * – clear kerosene container
Metal frame with reflector * – for hanging on the wall.
Ring * – with internal and external thread, screws onto the container
Burner * – located in the ring, includes the wick
Wick *
Glass cylinder *
* These components can be bought separately as spare parts for kerosene lamps