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Storage cabinet MAXI - 55xA, 2xB - 6749

Storage cabinet MAXI - 55xA, 2xB - 6749

Kategorie: MAXI

Katalogové číslo: 6749104N0

Rozměry:155 x 306 x 578 mm

Hmotnost:5.5 Kg

Dostupnost: skladem (65 ks)

Name: Storage cabinet MAXI 55xA, 2xB - 6749

Art.n.: 6749

Dimensions: width- 306 mm

                        height- 551 mm

                        frame depth - 145 mm

                        depth including drawer overlap - 155 mm

Colours: blue/red

Metal storage cabinets with plastic drawers are ideal for organized storage of small objects and parts. These cabinets are
a great complement for the production, workshop furnishing, garages, basements, in offices and wherever it is necessary to have small objects well-arranged and at hand.

The cabinets can stand alone, pile on top of each other (the base has four plastic legs) or hang on the wall. They are manufactured in various sizes (various height, width, and depth) and with various combinations of the plastic drawers. The cabinets can form compact units. The storage cabinets have steel sheet frames.

The sheet has a superb plastic powder coating that protects against corrosion. The cabinets are available in various colours of the RAL colour chart.

The drawers are either transparent, made of polystyrene (PS) plastic, or milky, made of highly flexible and strong polypropylene (PP). The drawers are manufactured in various versions and sizes, either with f ixed partitions or with the possibility to insert the partition in the drawers.

The drawers are equipped with a system preventing the drawer from falling out when pulled out quickly or when the cabinet is tilted. Guide rails ensure comfortable handling of the drawers (preventing the drawers from jamming).