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wood stove - 2002

wood stove - 2002

Katalogové číslo: 200210000

Hmotnost:54 Kg

Dostupnost: není skladem

Name: wood stove - visor, two heat exchangers

Art.n.: 2002

Rated power: 10,5 kW

Diameter of flue ducts for chimeny connect: 120 mm

Depth of wood stove: 725 mm

Height - including heat exchangers: 930 mm

Width of wood stove: 350 mm

Weight: 53 kg

Operating trhust:10 Pa

Efficiency: 76 %

MARS high quality wood stove which perfectly heats up your house or room.  Wood stove are intended for heating by wood as spare fuel you can use charcoal.

When you are heating wood briquettes, heat exchangers could be  clogged by soot and tar.

All metal parts are made from 1 mm sheel steel metal.

On surface are wood stoves treated by thermosetting powder MORTON, which is resist by high temperature.

Glass windows on the wood stove are made from  pramic, heat-resistant glass wiht operation temperature to 800°C. Glass window is sealed by glass fiber IRKA with softening point 750°C.

Firebox is stacked by fireclay bricks.