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Work bench - 4804

Work bench - 4804

Kategorie: Dílenské systémy , Stoly

Katalogové číslo: 480412526

Rozměry:1215 x 610 x 800 mm

Hmotnost:55 Kg

Dostupnost: není skladem

Name: Work bench, 3xdrawer,1xdoor - 120x60x84 cm

Art.n.: 4804

Weight: 55kg

Static load capacity of table area:  350 kg/m2

Load capacity of socked: 12 kg with even load distribution

MARS supplies work benches for small and large operations. Our range of high quality and functional work benches is intended for universal use in all types of professional workplaces.

The height of all tables is 80 cm; widths are 60, 120 or 170 cm depending on the model. An indisputable advantage is the height adjustability that allows users to compensate for uneven floors.

Table frames are made of metal plate steel (thickness 1 mm) ; table tops are from high-quality solid wood (the glued beech wood, thickness 2,5 cm).

Depending on the model, the work tables are available with up to nine drawers equipped with smooth pull out rails and drawer handles made of high-quality plastics.

Doors are equipped with locks (supplied with replacement keys). The work benches are protected against corrosion by a high-quality powdered plastic coating.

MARS work benches can be combined with wall panels and cabinets for hanging and storing tools.